Monday, August 27, 2007

Scott's Torso

Scott Macnab is a student in the 2007 Spring/Summer Session of the Animation Portfolio Workshop. Scott has recently been spending time at the Royal Ontario Museum drawing plane studies of Greek sculptures and other objects to focus on solid forms and structure in his drawing.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Teletoon Scholarship Finalist

Chang Dai successfully completed the Animation Portfolio Workshop in Spring 2007. She has been accepted into Sheridan's Batchelor of Animation Program and will begin courses in Sepetember. While Chang was a student in The Animation Portfolio Workshop, she storyboarded and animated a short film "Ain't What It Used To Be" which she then submitted to the Teletoon Animation Scholarship. This scholarship competition was created by TELETOON to encourage creative, original, and imaginative animation by supporting Canadians studying in the animation field or intending to pursue studies in animation. "The main reason behind the design of the little boy was that, I wanted a character who would be easy to animate, yet expressive, so the boy has a huge face and a very simplified body, with large hands and feet to accent on the movements". Have a look and vote online for Chang's film at:||contests/2007_04_scholarship/scholarship2.php|0|0&xVar=

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Grumpy Art Work

This is a colour test for one of the layouts in Myke Bakich's short film Grumpy Old Man. It's a great example of Myke's simplified graphic visual style that he has used in his film. Myke applied the same ideas to the two characters in his film; The Grump and Kind Old Lady.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Gesture Drawings by Faisel Raja

These gesture drawings of soccer players at UofT are taken from the skechbook of Faisel Raja. Faisel is currently a teacher's assistant at the Animation Portfolio Workshop and is spending all his free time drawing.

"Hey whats up? My name is Faisal Raja and I love to draw gestures. I find it interesting trying to capture the essence of the pose and put it down in anywhere from a few seconds to a minute. One day I wanted to use a marker and just experiment to see how a marker would effect my drawing . I found it to be AMAZING! It made me more confident and more care free knowing that I couldn't use an eraser to correct my mistakes."

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Vote For Grumpy Old Man!!

Make sure you tune in to CBC on Sunday August 5th at 11pm. Myke Bakich's short Film Grumpy Old Man will be featured in a short film competition on the program called Exposure. Animation Portfolio Workshop couldn't be happier to get behind this film made by a talented young film-maker (oh, and did I mention, a former APW student?...) Check out Myke's blog
to read about how you can support Myke by voting on-line for his film!