Monday, March 15, 2010

Former APW student Chang Dai's demo reel

We like to keep in touch with our former students. Chang Dai was a student in the Animation Portfolio Workshop in 2007. She is currently studying animation in Sheridan"s Animation Program. Have a look at Chang's recent work as an animator!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

APW Info Sessions at Sheridan

For three Wednesdays in April, the Animation Portfolio Workshop will be visiting Sheridan to give info sessions about the upcoming 2010 Session of the workshop. APW director Vince Peets will be on hand to talk about what the workshop is all about. There are several former APW students in the Sheridan Animation Program and they have been known to stop by with some examples of their drawings. There will be opportunities to hear information about the APW and also see examples of drawings by our former students who are currently studying at Sheridan. The dates are:

  • Wed. April 7 11am - 12noon in room A-107
  • Wed. April 14 11am - 12noon in room A-107
  • Wed. April 21 11am - 12noon in room A-107

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Myke Bakich as an APW student

Back in 2003, Myke Bakich finished the Animation Portfolio Workshop as a student. He later applied and was accepted into Sheridan.s Animation Program. Myke was one of the first to graduate with a Bachelor of Animation Degree. Our students benefit from Myke's experience as a storyboard artist and animation professional.

See Myke's animation portfolio.