Tuesday, November 20, 2012

14 Days - 14 Characters! Week 1!

From Monday, November 19 to Monday, December 3, everyday at 9am a new daily gesture drawing will be posted on the APW website.  Your task, should you accept it, is to design a new animation character everyday for 14 days.  Think of it as an intensive 14 day design work-out.  The idea is simple - you observe the daily gesture drawing and look for movement, shape, direction to inspire a new character design each day for two weeks.  

Feel free to share your drawings by posting them on our APW facebook page.  Like the page and post your drawings.  We look forward to seeing all kinds of crazy, goofy, dark weird character designs!  For anyone who will be putting together an animation portfolio, this is perfect practice for the character design component.  Whether you're interested in drawing or animation or film - everyone's input is welcome!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

14 Days...14 Characters

Starting on Monday November 19 everyday until Monday December 3 a new gesture drawing will be posted on our blog and on the APW Facebook page at 9am each morning.  Your mission - should you choose to accept it, is to design a new character every day based on that day's gesture drawing.  Be inventive - take your impulse and inspiration from the daily gesture drawing - what kind of movement do you see, is there a predominant shape or direction you can observe?  Be inspired by the gesture drawings and design a new character everyday for 14 days.