Tuesday, December 11, 2012

APW Character Design Contest

If you want to be an animator you need to go to animation school.  If you want to go to animation school you need to know how to draw. 
At the Animation Portfolio Workshop, all we do is draw.  We’re all about helping you make the best animation portfolio you can.  And right now, if you enter the APW CharacterDesign Contest you could win free tuition for the 2013/2014 session of classes.   
Here’s how it works…design your own animation character - draw 4 standing poses, 3 action poses and 4 facial expressions.  Your drawings will be judged by our team of animation professionals.  The best design wins first prize - free tuition for the 2013/2014 Session of the Animation Portfolio Workshop.  And… there are other great prizes – art supplies and animation art books.  Visit our website for contest rules and details.  In the meantime -   
Happy drawing!

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